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Welcome to Surewin Quality Certification!
In our website you will find detailed information regarding our organization and the services it provides . Kindly feel free, to send an e-mail or call us with any question, suggestion or request for further information.
Surewin Quality Certification (SQC) is an organization and does not endorse nor recommend any commercial product, company or individual, including companies or individuals with websites that may offer a link to the Surewin Quality Certification (SQC) website.

CEO's Message

An effective management system says a great deal about your organisation. It shows you are dedicated to optimising your operations....
When you make a promise to your customers, it’s vital to keep it. This means having the right systems, processes and procedures to ensure consistent delivery. Only then can you be confident that you’re complying with the relevant codes, requirements, regulations and standards.....
Training is a strategic activity for every organization because it ensures the growth of the resources and that is fundamental for the success of every business. Translating its technical expertise in highly vocational training opportunities, SQC offers a full calendar of training courses in the field of Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility (QHSE).....
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