ISO / IEC 27000: 2018 provides an overview of information security management systems (ISMS) and terms and definitions commonly used in the Information Security Management System ISO / IEC 27001 standard family.
Designed for all types of organizations, from multinational enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises, the new version of February 2018 is equally valuable for government agencies or non-profit organizations.
The 27000 family has more than a dozen standards. The newly published ISO / IEC 27000 provides an understanding of how standards come together: their scope, roles, functions and their interrelation.
The ISO / IEC 27001 community will find this standard useful as it combines all the basic terminologies used by other standards in the ISO / IEC 27000 family.
Preserving the knowledge of today's business environment, where technology and communication are developing at a stunning speed, has become even more important. Information is of great importance for an organization to continue its activities. It is a serious challenge to identify security risks and threats to information assets and to check open points in the system. Establishing information security and ensuring the continuity of the controls will depend on establishing the security principles and determining the management processes correctly.
In today's business world information security it is considered to be a serious risk, and it is necessary to define and realize consistent information security controls, but also to bring risks to acceptable levels, to establish certain standards in the organization.