ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is a systematic approach that enables the production to be carried out in every production sector, taking the environmental effects into consideration in every step from the first stage of the product to the consumer. ISO 14001; is an international standard that defines the process of controlling and improving the environmental performance of a company.
The aim of the establishment of the Environmental Management System is to determine the activities to be done to minimize the damages to the soil, air and water and to the environment by reducing the use of natural resources during the activities of the organizations.
Air, soil, water, flora (plant community), fauna (animal community), the environment that includes natural resources and people, and the relationship between them are defined as environment. However, unfortunately, the environment, industry and technological developments in which people live and are living together are becoming more and more damaged. Destruction of the natural environment and the environmental pollution created are increasingly threatening human life and quality of life.
National and international legal regulations for the environment have been started to be made and the development of environmental standards has been developed to prevent any damage caused by humanity to the environment.